Lexmark E260DN

So you want to buy a brand new printer and curious about making the right purchase? Not sure which brand to choose and which to let go? Well here’s an answer to all your problems. Try the all-new Lexmark E260dn printer that comes fully equipped and loaded with features and specs, which you would simply love! The Lexmark E260DN, a compact, stylish and efficient black-and-white printer sets perfectly with your desktop or laptops. It comes as network-ready that gels swiftly with all kinds of operating systems. It has a built in duplexing mechanism that makes it possible to cram as much info required in one single page. It is a hassle-free solution to all sorts of printing workloads and it runs smoothly even when it is printing close to 700 pages a day.

There are certain modes and features that you must acquaint yourself with, before proceeding to use the printer. The printer works on a basic monochrome laser that has the capacity to print papers of resolutions nearing 1200 by 1200 DPI, which can be reduced to 600 by 600 as well, if needed. The printer takes merely 6 and a half seconds to print the first page and then it takes about half a second for the subsequent ones. It has the potential to print about 35 pages per minute. However, the print speed for duplex pages is 17ppm. On an average, Lexmark E260dn can print up to 50000 pages per month.

Lexmark E260DN
The toner cartridges, photoconductor kit and the supply program kit of the Lexmark E260dn deserve special mention. Along with that, the Lexmark E260dn has accessories including the paper drawer, the 128 MB DDR-1 RAM, Korean and Japanese fonts, Marknet Ethernet Print Server and USB cable.

Lexmark E260dn won two awards, one in 2010 for being a better buy for business purposes and the other one for being Berlt’s Best in 2009. These two awards make the Lexmark E260DN one of the most innovative and advanced product out there in the market. This printer is known to provide quality and efficiency under one tandem. It provides the optimum solution for all printing issues and is popular for adding value to your business. It is also eco-friendly, leaving less carbon footprint. The internal warm-up fuser automatically reduces energy consumption that allows you to save paper as well as depleting energy resources.

The eco-mode of this printer is specially designed for that purpose. Moreover, the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program is particularly dedicated to recycle all wasted cartridges and make the world a cleaner place. The recycling program makes you a winner. You can expand your utility farther by recycling and help society to cope with environment issues. It is for these features and properties of Lexmark E260dn, it has received favorable reviews and remarks. Most of the customers have praised the quick processing time of this printer, laying stress upon the efficiency by which it works. Taking all such ratings and reviews, it can be said that Lexmark E260dn stands highly recommended for domestic, business or related uses.

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