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How to care for your inkjet printer

As whit any other piece of electronic equipment, some things need to be done to get the most of your inkjet printer.
Regulary maintenance and cleaning is something that is given but sadly enough many people dosent do it and instead have to spend money on a new printer since the old dosent work that well.

One of the worst enemies to any piece of electronic hardware is dust, and it tend to get in everywhere. If dust starts to get in your printer it would cause poor printing and paper jams. One way to stop the dust to get to the printer, is to use a cover over the printer.

If you use to turn your printer on and off, it could be a bad thing if you arent using a a power strip. When you turn the printer off it seats the printer head into a very special position before it completley shut down to protect the printer. When using a power strip it turns the power on and off, and dosent allow the printer to reseting the head in the correct position, But in the long way
it might hurt the printer more then its usefull.

lexmark inkjet printer

If its a printer that you use on a daily basis, then just leave int on, printers of today goes into standby mode and uses the minimal of engergy.

At some time the print head may be clogged and the printouts could be missing lines or even be clogged.
Mostley this is because of low ink level, but if you have new cartridges you would need to use the maintenance task in the printer control management.
It will try to unclog the printer head make sure it works properly

Using a print head cleaning can also use a decent bit of ink, if you have low levels you cant run the task untill you have replaced the ink.
You may also need to re-align the printer head if the prints are not in sync, as an example if the colors are not printing correctly.

Normally there is a re-align feature in your printer’s management panel that will fix this problem for you simply. When following these steps it will extend the life of your printer and also make sure that that every print is perfect as the first test page printed.

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