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How to clean Laserprinters

Laserprinters are getting more and more common, since the prints get a higher quallity

If you want high grapics in images or text it is a laserprinter you should go for.
But after using the printer for a long time, it will be dirty and dust will be stacked inside it, making a cleaning once in a while will give you the good quality in prints and also save yourself money since you dont have to take help from proffesionals.

When chaning the toners you should clean your printer so the print quality dosent change.
The cleaning is a pretty simple procedure, but if you are not sure in what you are doing you should let it to proffesionals.

Lexmkar t632

How to clean the printers outside?

Cleaning the outside of the printer dosent demand that much knowledge, you just need to get a good cleaning fluid ment for plastic devices and a soft cloth.
If you dont find any good fluid you could also use water.
Before you start to clean your laserprinter, check through the manual once more since there could be specific instruktions for some printers.

Turn off the printer before you start the cleaning. Make the cloth moist whit the fluid and then carefully clean the outside of the printer. When you clean the printer make sure that no fluid enters the printer

How to manually clean the inside of the printer?

After unplugging the printer from the computer and power source, then remove the papertray and toner cartridges. Place the cartridge on a paper, then you could start clean the inside of the toner cavity whit the use of lint-free dry cloth.

Be carefull though to not touch vital parts of the printers. Remove all dirt and dust and even spilled toner and paper fragments.

When you have cleaned the rolls, then replace the toner once again
When cleaning the rollers, don´t clean the printer´s sponge rollers.

 Automatic Cleaning With Printer Software

Doubleclick on the printericon or the printer helpprogram and open the program on your laserprinter.
Another way to go is to make a print and then use options and then printer utility or similar, depending on your laserprinter.

Follow all instruktions for cleaning your laserprinter whit the help of the software.

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