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How to update printer drivers in Windows 7

The device manager that is inside Windows is always helpful for you when you want to do this upgrade. Since Windows 7 came out there was a change in how to update drivers through Windows.

When you have upgraded your Windows 7 driver it will make sure that the files are using the correct way by the computer whitout any interruption.
But how easy is it to upgrade your drivers in Windows 7?

Start whit clicking on the start button, then choose Printers and Devices which is on the start-menu.

As a alternativ you could also access that area through the control panel (some computers dosent show printer and devices on the start menu).
The devices and printers window is now open and whats in there is a list of the devices connected to your computer.
Since you want to upgrade the Windows 7 driver for your printer, choose the printer options. Open the dialog box, and click on the advanced tap. Then proceed to the printer driver, here you could choose to use the drop down option and have your Windows 7 drivers installed in the easiest way possible.

After that you will need to launch the add driver buttons and following the prompt, the computer will manage to get the latest version of the drivers in your system.

Since the process of installing or uppgrading in Windows 7 make take sometime just be patient.
After installing the drivers, you need to restart your computer, the system might not ask you for it but it´s a good way to ensure that its properly installed and that the software works properly.

Now you could use your computer and printer properly.

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