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Lexmark repairs – do it the easy way

Even though lexmark printers are a good buy and have many customers due to good quality they still have the same problem that other printers have. A repair a Lexmark printer could be an expensive history if you choose a repair company.

But there is a good thing that Lexmark printers dosent have any complicated mechanisms or functions and therefore could be easily used by anyone from novice to expert.

Some of the most common problems and possible actions for reparing a Lexmark printer is following below:
Sometimes the printer stops to respond, if thats the case check the connection to the net and powersupply, make sure that everything is connected properly.
Don´t use the printer by sharing it whit other highpower deamnding units or by connecting it whit a extensioncord.

If the printer stops printing, check the cable first of all. Some Lexmark printers stops printing if the papertray is empty  or if the output tray is full. If so then either remove paper from the output tray or add paper to the input tray, to get the printer back its fuctionally.

An unusal loading time before printing begins may be a cause of a to big file, try to break it down in smaller files to print faster and quicker.

Lexmark printer repair

Paper jam is a common problem for all kind of printers. To solve the problem just open the printer door and remove the jamed papers.

Some of the Lexmark printers have a LCD-display that show where the problem is along whit tips for solving it. So the users just need to follow the tips to start the printer cleaning

High humidity could cause a problem of irregular printing. If the problem occurs check the paper if it had absorbed moisture. If it had then move the printer somewhere else where humidity dosent make a problem.

A good way to avoid much reparing is to change the ink cartridge when the printer tells you that its low on ink, If you dont change it, it could damage the printhead by overheating the outlet jet resistors

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