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Lexmark printers is improving all the time and they also get great feedbacks from the consumers that have bought them. The interface of a Lexmark printer is very easy to use and can be understood by a beginner, And make simple repairs on the lexmark printers takes about a couple of minutes. There are some problem that are very common on all types of printers and is very easy to solve.

* No Power

If the printer dosent start, make sure that the power cord is plugged into the outlet, and that the outlet is working. It could happen that the outlet was turned off by a circuit breaker. It may also be improper if the printer would be connected to a extension cord and share it whit other high-power consuming devices.

* Jobs are not printing

Verify that the connection cables are connectd and that they are not damaged, check if the printer is in “Ready” mode. Some printers doesnt print if the output tray is full, remove papers from the output tray. Also check the input tray to see if its paper located there.

Lexmark E260DN

* Long loading time before the printer starts

If you are expericing this problem it means that the job might be too difficult for the printer, you are printing a large file perhaps, then break it down into several small files. This method usually solves the problem.

* Jammed Paper

Open the printer carefully and gently remove the paper, making sure that all the paper that was jaming the printer is removed. When you already have the door open, take a small brush and clean the inside of the printer.

* The thicknesses of the letters are uneven

If this happens it could be three things that are bad, toner cartridge, photo developer or transfer belt. The best solution is to check whit a certified technician that could identify and replace the part that is broken.

* Streaks appear vertically

The cause is that the toner has smeared and there fore it be completley fused whit paper or the cartridge of toner is damaged due to excessive use.

* Blank Pages

The tone may be damaged or empty, it the toner is brand new, recheck so you didnt miss any of the packing materials that is needed to remove before the installation.

* Paper curls after printing

First check to se if the paper is compatible whit your printer. If they are, check if wheter the paper has been stored in a humid enviroment, it could have absorbed moisture. If it had, just replace the paper.

If your problem is not listed here, check the manual which came whit the printer or contact the manufacture.

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