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How to avoid Paper Jams

It happens every now and then that you need to print a document but the paper gets jamed in the printer.
There is a couple of ways to overcome this problem.

The most common causes of paper jams are:

* Thickness of the paper
Very often has the printer manufacturers specified they material and thickness of the papers that could be used. Using a paper that is too thick or even too thin can cause paper jams.

* Paper sticking together
It does happen that papers stick to each other because of static, as a result the printer feeds more then one sheet of paper instead of one.

* Dust and other materials
During time dust, dried ink and toners could accumulate whitin the printer which includes the printers rollers that is used to feed the paper to the printer.

Printer warning for a paper jam

How to get out of a paper jam?

If the paper gets jammed in the printer, start whit turning off the printer and then turn it on again, sometimes this is just whats needed to free the jammed paper. If it fails try this:

* Turn of the printer and remove the paper in the printer tray

* Open the door to the toner or ink cartridges, remove them and then carefully pull the jamed paper. If the paper breaks then rotate the printer rollers to free the pieces. Insert your toner or ink cartridges and you are good to go.

If there is experience frequent jams when printing, the solution could be that the printer is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

If you use a moist cloth (never use a wet cloth) whit alcohol. This would help the printer rollers to be sticky and cause the paper to stick on the printer rollers

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