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Lexmark E260DN works everywhere

Laser printers are still very much documentation and in that area, Lexmark has always been a strong name. E260DN is a good mid-range driver and offer great printing with duplex printing, with a new design that is maksinken dark gray and unit and labels look quite so cubic print. One thing you will notice quite quickly is a thin arm above the printer and holds the printed paper so they do not fall down on the floor, a very good solution when you are printing multiple pages. The hatch is otherwise 801 paper but it is also possible to use it for up to 3,500 paper. Lexamark are well known for making printer that is easy to use and simple instructions.

Lexmark E260dn

Simple push buttons and a digital screen in front makes the panels easy to use and follow for anyone.

There seems to be little wrong with Lexmark E260DN and have several tests given 3 stars out of 5 possible around the world. Only in the U.S. used the printer in several schools, both in the classroom and in computer labs.


Lexmark ends whit manufacturing inkjet printers

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During the summer Lexmark announced that the company would stop manufacture inkjet printers, they will instead focus on systems for managing electronic documents.

The new generation of office equipment includes printers like color laser cx15 and serveral black and white printer models, through the companys new road they have rich color screens to connect whit the underlying document management system.

Lexmark wants to connect the office machines to a advanced document management system, whit many functions that are handled directly through large color screens, but this also means that Lexmark need to slim down their staff whit 1,700 people.

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