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Spooler Subsystem has encountered a problem

Have you ever gotten the message “Spooler Subsystem App has encountered a problem and will now close” ?

Then this information will be of great value for you.
The Spooler SubSystem is a legal and very important component of any Windows installation, the spool is used for printer jobs, and if you cancell the spooler services it would be impossible to print. But there is also some problems around the corner whit the spool, some spyware and trojans are known to pretend that they are the legal spooler subsystem. They have the same name as the orginal or one of these names:

spoolsu.exe, spoolsv0.exe, spoolso.exe, SP00LSV.EXE

And a couple of other names.

The legal version of spoolsv.exe should be located in the x:/windows/system32 directory (where x: is the drive where the windows installation is).

But what are then the reasons for this problem?

spooler subsystem
1) You are indeed infected whit a virus or trojan, use your antivirus or malware program to scan the computer to make sure.

2) The spooler service has been stopped, is in Manual or disabled mode, which makes printing impossible

3) Your printer drivers is has not any compatibility whit the printer, or the operating system

4) Printer jobs and drawing instructions, (.shd and .spl files) has been corrupted in some way, which may have caused a print que lock and the crash of spooler services

There is a couple of things you could try to se if it works out.

1) Scan your system for virus or malware

2) Stop the spooler service by typing “net stop spooler” in the cmd window.

3) Delete all files whit the extensions .shd and .spl in the printers temp folder.

4) Delete all registry keys that contains information about printer´s job queue.

5) If you recive error messages when trying to install printer drivers its a good thought trying to add the printer again.

6) Start the spooler service by executing “net start spooler” command in the cmd window

7) Reboot, sometimes a simple reboot may work to solve the problem

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